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Construction Sector is a highly technical environment, always at the edge of scientific and technological advancements. Issues such as performance, quality, reliability, safety, risk, cost acquire a specific meaning and all of them together are critical for the successful management of a construction project no matter the type, the size, the extend or the location of the project.

Investors or financiers of a project are concerned about the timely completion of the construction at the specified quality and performance characteristics, undertaking the least possible risk and within the designated budget.

Engineers managing a project are concerned about the effective monitoring of all related activities (planning, procurement, execution, and control) in order to achieve the quality, performance and reliability targets within the specified deadlines and cost restrictions while eliminating all potential safety threats for the personnel involved.

AVRV is a valuable and trusted partner in the struggle for efficient and effective Construction Management. Employing highly experienced engineers from all the faculties (Civil, Planning, Chemical, and Electrical Mechanical), who have served the Construction Sector for a long period of time, can offer the following services:

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