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From advertising to automotive service providers, retailers to health practitioners, the issues of customer focus, quality, safety and performance are central to the delivery of services.

Services are one of the main drivers of the EU economy: they account for over two-thirds of EU GDP and employment and have been the source of all net job-creation in recent years.

AVRV’s activities include the provision of the following services that have benefits to both consumer and business:

  • For consumers, it means you can have more confidence in all types of services
  • For business, ensuring a good quality service helps differentiate your business from the competition, bringing concrete economic benefits.

A list of services sectors where AVRV can provide specific solutions include:

  1. Business services and professional services
    • Accountancy services
    • Advertising services
    • Architectural and engineering services
    • Computer and related services
    • Legal services
  2. Communication services
    • Audiovisual services
    • Postal and courier, express mail services
    • Telecommunications
  3. Distribution and Logistics
  4. Education services
  5. Energy services
  6. Environmental services
  7. Financial services
  8. Health and social services
  9. Transport services

We can help organizations achieve their objectives by providing:

Certification Services

Certification Services (sector specific management system certification)

Inspection Services

Training Services for personnel of all ranks on topics related to
energy management, environmental management, H&S, quality, such as:

  • Requirements of the standards
  • Quality Control
  • Process Improvements

Assessment Services based on specific protocols issued by an organization in order to evaluate the conformance to the requirements of :

  • networks
  • Subcontractors / suppliers

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