Construction Project Quality Inspection and Control

Ensure that your construction project meets your requirements


The mitigation of project risk in complex construction project is one of the key points of success of the project. Modern construction projects require a diverse set of knowledge, disciplines and resources applied altogether in a limited timeframe and budget.

In order to improve the probability of success it is crucial to identify and correct at the earliest stages potential quality and safety issues and minimize the risks of schedule details, cost overruns and claims to all stages of the project.

The Service

AVRV provides independent quality control services for the verification of the correct implementation of the Detailed Design Study of projects of the constructions sector, such as

  • Public Works
  • Industrial buildings
  • Warehouses and Logistics centers,
  • Office Buildings,
  • Commercial Malls,
  • Domestic developments

The service is addressed to the Construction Project Owner (Investor of Financer) and involve a full set of inspection and control services to ensure that the construction project is completed on-time, within budget and according to specifications. A communication plan ensures that the project owner is thoroughly and systematically informed about the status of the project at every stage.

The provision of the service

AVRV will set up a team of professional engineers who will:

  • Supervise the compilation of Project Quality Plan (PQP)
  • Monitor the implementation of PQP by the Contractor through unannounced onsite inspections.
  • Inspect the facilities and operating methods of suppliers/subcontactors.
  • Issue detailed and fully documented reports (photos, copies of relevant documents etc.) to the Project Owner (notification to any other relevant party) of the project evolution, problems identified and planned corrective action with responsibilities and dates of implementation.
  • Issue executive reports
  • Verify the implementation of corrective actions
  • Participate in meeting regarding the progress of the project
  • Hand in the as-build file of the project supported by all records.

What does the service offer to construction projects?

  • Objective inspection services free from all kinds of conflict of interests (contractor or supervisor interests)
  • Minimization of disputes and disagreements in technical and administrative matters concerning the construction project
  • Timely / precise briefing of the Project Owner on the progress of the project
  • Ability to immediately address any emerging problems
  • Sound advice and direction by experienced engineers
  • Does not replace, rather supplement the work of the Supervising Engineer
  • Supports the work of the Contractor Engineers
  • Operates solely to the interest of the project owner
  • Comprehensive record of the jobs executed and the control exercised during construction (for use to other interested parties such as Insurers, future buyers etc.)

Why choose AVRV

AVRV has a proven track of projects and the experience to help your organization achieve the goals of a construction project. With specialized personnel, AVRV inspects procedures to cover the specific necessities in each project for controlling all details. This ensures that all aspects of the work are in compliance with quality requirements and established standards.


What is a Project Quality Plan (PQP)

It is a technical document that defines the method of verification of the correct implementation of the Detailed Design Study. In the context of the service the PQP plan is approved by all interested parties (Project Owner, Contractor, AVRV). Inputs to the compilation of the PQP are the construction contract, the detailed design study (drawings, technical descriptions, and specifications), the time schedule, Relevant Legislation and Regulations, etc.

Is the service construction supervision?

No. AVRV does not replace the Supervising Engineer. We rather supplement and support the work of Supervising Engineers operating solely to the interest of the project owner. We advise on the appropriate actions to be taken regarding project performance and do not give any direct instructions or orders to Owner’s contractor(s), sub-contractor(s) or design companies involved in the project.

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