Distribution Network Audits

Distribution Network Audits

AVRV can monitor and control the compliance of your dealers and authorized repairers to standard brand requirements through regular objective audits. Our auditors will visit the chosen site and audit it against criteria set by your organization and form part of the contract with the respective dealer/repairer.

The legal context behind this right to control the distribution network started as the Block Exemption agreement of 1985 that allowed European car manufacturers exclusive control over their vehicle distribution systems. The regulation EU 1400/2002 set the updated legal framework on which distribution network audits ensure that your authorized dealer and repairer network comply with the corporate standards.

The service

The distribution network audits are provided as:

New dealership or new Repairer applicant evaluation audits, where during the audit preliminary standard contractual requirements are assessed such as square meters of car display area and/or workshop area, abidance to local legislative requirements, number of employees and financial data.

Surveillance audits that monitor the ongoing conformance of the authorized dealer/repairer to the standard requirements.

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