Warranty Audits

Warranty Audits

Manufacturer’s warranties are used as a means to facilitate the increase in sales and loyalty with customers. Although the processes involved behind the monitoring system of the warranties is costly especially in recession periods.

Today manufacturers find it difficult to ensure the validity of dealer’s warranty invoicing. Our organization can help you to increase the level of clarity and control that you need in your warranty repayment system.

Warranty audits may be used by car manufacturers to confirm the amounts due for repairs and spare parts in the sales/after-sales network. Any evidence of fraud, including overpayments, misuse of parts or invalid invoicing is reported.

We will work with you in order to identify the dealers that will be audited, the claims that will be sampled and checked, the planning of the audits and the special procedures/instructions that may be used during the audits.

Our auditors will then visit the dealership and perform a complete in house review and audit of warranty claims according to your requirements.

Claims are audited at a minimum for:

  • Administrative Errors
  • Technicians Time Control
  • Shop Comebacks
  • Not considered warranty by the manufacturer
  • Missing supporting documentation
  • Overcharges / Undercharges of Parts and or Labor time
  • Authorization Signatures – Add-ons

After the review we will give you an in depth report based on our findings.


Key benefits from AVRVs warranty audits are:

  • Increase efficiency and control over your warranty repayment system
  • Increase trust and respect between you and your network
  • Reduce fraudulent activity and subsequent costs.
  • Provide evidence to confront any repairers who have exploited your warranty system

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