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2nd Party Audits to validate the strength of your supply chain


In recent years, competitive pressures, globalization and increasingly discerning consumers have forced retail corporations to increase the number of suppliers they work with.

Thus large national and international supply chains have become a central part of an organization’s operational strategy because of key advantages of labor, quality, and logistics. However, it is recognized that with these advantages come risks. These risks are associated with social, environmental, health & safety and product quality/safety factors.

Being proactive in improving supply chain performance requires evaluation of processes and procedures, measuring the results in order to better react to risk, monitor market signals and facilitate continuous improvement.

What is a 2nd party audit?

A second-party audit occurs when an organization audits their suppliers, or their own facilities, to their own proprietary requirements and codes of practices. The audit process helps the organization to avoid the risk of product recall, service failure, or compliance issues by finding and correcting problems before they affect the customer or end user.

AVRV can enable you to roll out and monitor the performance criteria defined in your business strategy.

Audits can be performed either to suppliers or to organizational network.

Our customized audit solutions ensure you that your organization and your suppliers are abiding to the standards and code of practices you have set for them.

Moreover, we can help you set up the assessment scheme, if you haven’t any, which is necessary to monitor the performance of your suppliers or your network.

Our auditors and experts have the skills and knowledge that are specific to your industry and business and the integrity and professionalism to help your organization achieve your goals and objectives efficiently and effectively.

Outsourcing these services to AVRV you will gain a consistent, professional and unbiased approach in a very cost effective manner, as you will save money from developing internally equivalent resources.

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Supplier Assessments

Auditing your suppliers’ processes against your own quality, safety, or security requirements will ensure the reliability of your product and the strength of your supply chain. By outsourcing these audits to AVRV, you can proactively monitor supplier performance and ensure that:

  • Your supply is maintained to your specific requirements and standards
  • You Protect your brand and reputation
  • You reduce monitoring cost
  • Your organizations values and strategy are thoroughly understood and implemented
  • Risks associated with your supply chain are cost-effectively managed

Assessments against Code of Practice

Monitoring the adherence of your network to the values, policies and procedures you have defined in your Code of Practice will ensure that:

  • Customer loyalty is enhanced;
  • You can provide instant and verifiable information to shareholders and stakeholders;
  • Performance is improved;
  • Your Brand equity is preserved;
  • Practices are consistent throughout your organization’s networks;
  • Your organization’s networks achieve the level of efficiency and performance you require

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