ELOT 1435


The standard ELOT 1435:2009 (ΕΛΟΤ 1435:2009) was published with the aim to set the minimum requirements for the implementation of a management system to “communication services providers”.

The standard is applicable to all organizations that provide communication services and include:

  • Advertising Agencies
  • Media Specialists
  • Public Relations
  • One to One Marketing
  • Branding and Design

The standard is applicable to all communication services organizations of every type of size and can be used for :

  • Certification
  • Self assessment
  • Improvement of their ability to provide services


The ELOT1435:2009 sets the requirements, which the Providers of Communication Services should meet, in order to demonstrate their capability to consistently provide communication services which meet their customers’ requirements.

The standard applies to the processes in an organization which have an impact on quality. It targets to continual improvement and customer satisfaction. The major clauses in the standard are:

  • Management System Capability
  • Management and Organization
  • Business Planning
  • Human Resources and infrastructure
  • Management of Communication Program
  • Specific Requirements for communication services per sector


Some of the direct benefits achieved by ELOT 1435:2009 certified companies include:

  • Proves your commitment to customer satisfaction
  • Facilitates the monitoring of financial performance
  • Helps improve your organizational performance and makes it easier to measure performance and better manage business risk
  • Enhances brand reputation and can be a useful promotional tool
  • Proves Conformity with the Law 3688/2008 (FEK 163/Α/5-8-2008), which requires certification for participation in Public Tenders.

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