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A ministerial decision introducing a new mandatory rating system for main and secondary touristic accommodation in Greece was published in the Government Gazette. (law. 4276 / 155Α/30.7.14).

According to the legislative framework the categorization and corresponding rating system is:

  • Main Touristic Accommodation: Hotels, Integrated Tourist Resorts, Hotels established in traditional buildings, Campings that shall be rating with star system criteria
  • Secondary Touristic Accommodation: touristic furnished apartments and rooms that shall be rated with key system criteria

The classification aims to ensure that the highest standards are met across the Greek accommodation spectrum.

The Rating Systems and Classification

The new legislative framework assigned the responsibility to issue classification certificates to:

  • the Hellenic Chamber of Hotels for Main Touristic Accommodation (star rating system)
  • The regional offices of National Tourism Organization (EOT) for Secondary Touristic Accommodation (key rating system)

The criteria and specifications for the rating systems (star and key) are described in the legislative framework (core law and ministerial decrees).

The inspection of the main and secondary touristic accommodations according to the criteria of the rating system is assigned to accredited Inspection Bodies according to ISO17065.

The classification certificate is a prerequisite by the Respective Tourism Services Bodies for the lawful operation of a Touristic Accommodation.

Applicability of the classification System

All existing and new Main Touristic Accommodation Providers in Greece shall be ranked on a scale of 1 to 5 stars, based on which each hotel is classified into one of the five categories if they follow the minimum standards and collect the minimum number of points required for classification in each category.

All existing and new Secondary Touristic Accommodation Providers in Greece who wish to declare a certain category according to the key rating system.

The Inspection Process

The owner of the touristic accommodation requests AVRV to perform the inspection according to the criteria and the classification that they apply to achieve (i.e 4 stars) following the completion of a self assessment questionnaire.

AVRV inspectors perform the audit on-site following an initial review of the necessary documents of the application.

The inspector(s) of AVRV collect evidences of conformity according to each criterion of the classification system, records each deviation, uploads the documented evidences and stores the Technical Report in the online system of the Hellenic Chamber of Hotels (HCH)

Following completion of the on-site Inspection, the system is aware of any discrepancies between the self-assessment questionnaire and reality.

An independent technical reviewer of AVRV examine the content of the Technical Report of the inspector, issue an attestation of Conformity and uploads the report to the online system of the HCH indicating his decision for the rating.

The HCH reviews the decision, the technical report and issues the Classification Certificate to the tourist accommodation.

The Classification Certificate is valid for 5 years and is subject to a re-inspection following the expiry date or whenever a change takes place that impacts the operational or technical characteristics of the accommodation services provided.

What AVRV can do for you

  • AVRV is accredited Inspection Body to perform inspections according to the classification criteria and issue the report for the decision of the respective assigned body. The accreditation certificate of AVRV for the specific service can be found here
  • AVRV is registered as an inspection body to the list of the Hellenic Chamber of Hotels
  • AVRV has an extensive network of inspectors that can cover all areas in the Greek Territory
  • The inspection services are delivered by Engineers and Tourism Specialists who are trained to address any particularity that may arise during inspection.
  • AVRV holds accreditation to the full range of touristic accommodations namely: Hotels, Organized touring camps, Rental Furnished Rooms – Apartments.
  • AVRV is a provider of a comprehensive portfolio of services relevant to the Hospitality Sector that are included in the classification criteria Our services that are directly associated with the classification system are certification to ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO22000, ISO26000, Greek Breakfast which are required in order to achieve more points for the final classification.

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