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Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct

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Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct

The Code of Ethics and professional conduct consists of the Policy of Integrity and 5 Basic Principles of Operation. The Code is issued by the Board of AVRV to provide direction in conducting everyday business on ethical matters. Only the Board of AVRV has the right to revise the Code, at its discretion as necessary.

Compliance with the Code of Ethics is a key criterion in assessing the performance of employees, contractors, partners and management.

Whenever a member of AVRV identifies an incident or breach of the principles of the code (especially if it relates to bribery or undue favor), or may lead to violation of the Code must report directly to the Certification Manager who shall inform the Board of Directors to take the necessary measures (investigation, corrective actions, sanctions). Any member of the staff who in good faith reports a real incident is fully protected against any act of revenge.

Statement of Integrity

The Management of AVRV gives great importance to the consolidation of the Certification Body as an independent, impartial and credible Body of Management Systems Certification services, Assessment and Inspection Services and Training.

Cornerstone for achieving this goal is the integrity in the Body and the conduct of its executives. This integrity is our fixed asset and as such we handle it. We invest in it and determine how we treat shareholders, our customers, partners and competitors, our supervisory authority and the general public.

For any current or future objectives and strategy we set and any business development activity, the main criterion for our decisions is to maintain the image of the Certification Body as an honest and trustworthy partner.

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The Code of Ethics states the principles for ensuring the integrity of our

  • Honesty and transparency in all operations
  • Avoiding conflicts of interest
  • Compliance with all relevant Legislation, Regulations and Standards
  • Maintaining a culture in which ethics is recognized as a value.

All of us who work in AVRV adopt the spirit of these principles. In our system of values the maintenance of integrity is placed above any commercial benefit, customer expectation, prospect development.

The management and staff of AVRV have as primary task the full compliance with this policy.

Principle 1: Transparency (Financial Control and book keeping)

Principle 2: Independence and Impartiality (Improper wages / benefits)

Principle 3: Conflict of Interest

Principle 4: Competence (Human Resources and Work Environment)

Principle 5: Confidentiality and Information Security (management of inside Information)

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